Double Street Quad

If you are looking for a strategy in roulette that puts your odds of winning more in your favour then Double Street Quad may be the way to play.

Unfortunately because your chances of finding a successful number increase with this betting plan, you will not show a large profit if you do hit a winning selection when Unibet betting.

In Double Street Quad you will be placing a maximum of six chips on the table. These will be of the value of your choice but should cover 17 numbers in the process.

The way this strategy works is you will cover two double streets on the table with two chips on each. For example, you could go with the opening double street of 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the very next selection of 7,8,9,10,11,12. You would then need to place one chip on a corner bet which of course gives you four numbers. The final chip would then go on a single number and this should be your favourite selection because it provides you with the highest payout.

As you can imagine, the returns on your 17 numbers will differ because of the odds of being successful. The good news though is that you will show a profit for all your selections with this staking plan, more on betting at Unibet.

Double Street Quad is a good alternative to outside bets which also increase your chances of winning. If you follow this strategy, you should be able to have a prolonged session in the game and reduce your potential losses. Playing individual numbers can be expensive especially when you cover more than 10 numbers on the nose.

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